What could be more natural than combining chaga -one of our oldest foods on earth and native to the Nordic region - with coffee - a drink with the highest consumption per capita in the world in the Nordic region. HONDURAN low-acid organic gourmet coffee mixed with wild chaga - A powerful and antioxidant-rich combination for body, mind & soul The coffee is prepared using a patented roasting method making the coffee less acidic (pH 5,2-5,6 versus 4,3 for most coffees) and stomach friendly with less acidosis often connected with coffee. The taste is also more clean and pure.It's a dark roasted rich coffee with nutty notes and a delightful earthy aroma. Infused with instant wild double extracted Chaga - a medicinal mushroom know for centuries - to balance coffee's impact on our bodies. Chaga is a strong antioxidant and is known to boost the immune system. For a natural kick of energy and power. The coffee is best served freshly roasted and should be preserved in a cool and dry place.


Living Earth Chaga Coffee / 250g