We customize your Raw Cake for your wedding together with you to meet your expectations of your special LOVE celebration. 


Ordering time for the wedding cakes is min. 7 days in advance.


Round Raw Love Weddingcake

75 DKK pr. pers.


Round Raw Love Weddingcake - 3 or 4 tiered cake stand

75 DKK pr. pers.

3 tier cake stand: 55 pers. / 4 tier cake stand: 95 pers. 



The  ”Raw Love Cake style decoration ” is included in the price. If you have a wish for a extraordinary customized decoration, the price will be accordingly the decoration.

Decoration with flowers.
You should deliver the flowers latest one day before your wedding.

RAW WEDDING CHEESECAKE - 4 tier cake stand 95 pers.

SKU: 4
  • RAW LOVE CHEESECAKES are handcrafted with love of: Cashewnuts, coconut oil, agavesirup vanilla, dates, himalaya salt & SUPERFOODS. (lime juice in berry & matcha variants, reishi coffee & raw cacao in reishi caramel variant). 100 g pr. person.


    3 layers: 55 pers. 4 layers: 95 pers. Ordering time for the wedding cakes is min. 5 days in advance.


    The Raw cakes are delivered frozen. From the date of production, the cake can last 6 weeks correctly stored in a freezer (-18 C). Once the cake is defrosted it shall be placed with its original packaging into a fridge (+5 C) for the following 5 days.